Author Tom Lovett presenting ‘Recover Your Dream Australia’

A Great Revival is Coming to Australia

One Saturday in 2003 the enemy attacked me from early morning to mid afternoon.

I felt alone and very sad.

Then a Negro (sic) Spiritual came on FM radio with the chorus often repeated, “I can’t hear anyone praying here Lord.”  It was like the Lord’s message to me.

Suddenly I saw what the enemy was trying to do and I was repelled by those sad thoughts he had planted in my mind.

I repented and asked God for forgiveness and for His grace and I thanked Him with all my heart for my blessings, for Jesus, for my family, for my friends, for my country, my work and for my life.

I began to read and pray and very soon I was greatly disturbed in my spirit.

My heart was torn with deep emotion and I was both joyful and sad that some people turn to God in their need and despair, and that many have not done so, that many Australians are accepting Jesus every day but many more turn away from Him because of poor examples of church people who are plainly ignorant about Jesus.

After several hours in this spirit and feeling the great love of God wash over me in wave upon wave, I tearfully went on with my chores.

After finishing my chores I asked, What now Lord?

This is what happened next:

The Lord said, “Write”.

I went to the computer and sat down. This is what I wrote:

What do you want me to write?

“I will give you my words. You prayed when you were a young man, Tom, for revival in Australia. You prayed and I listened. I am answering your prayers now.”

“How? When? O Lord, I want You to heal this land and all Your people.

“Gird up your loins, be my voice, as I have told you; that is the meaning of your life, to use your voice for my service. Don’t grieve any more for them. I am coming to save them now.”

Where and how will you start the revival Lord?

“You’ll see. Be ready. Take leadership. You have my authority. I made you for this task.

“People will be healed. There will be miracles and people will be saved. You have seen some healings and other miracles. There will be many more.”

Thank you Lord. You are my all in all. Let me serve You as You have told me to.

How and when and where do I use my voice for Your service?

“I will show you.

“What do I tell Your people Lord?

“Tell them that now is their time. I am visiting Australia now to turn my people from their unholy ways and turn them back to me, and to heal them and bless them, and to prepare them for their work which is ahead. They are my people and I have chosen them from all the corners of the world, and they are one people. They will turn to me in large numbers and be healed and go back out to the corners of the world from where they came and they will speak to my people everywhere and bring my message. Now is the time they must turn to me to be healed and for their birth nations to be healed.

“My shepherds don’t have to wait to be cleansed, to be righteous, to be healed, and to be prepared. I have already prepared them and they are ready now to shepherd my sheep.

“I will guide them and teach them everything they need to know.

“My people are waiting for this message from me. Go and tell them what I am telling you. Tell them now is the time. I am with them. They will not be shamed. They will see that I am with them.

“Say to them, ‘Australians, your time is now.’ Go now Tom, I am with you.”


I figure that because God said write that he wants me to send this message out.

Please pray thanksgiving prayers. God has given us the green light to launch His revival now.

Praise God!  I want to talk about it every chance I get.

May God bless you.




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