BATTLE FOR TRUTH – Resisting the Future One World Government

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BATTLE FOR TRUTH- Resisting the Future One World Government 

May I interest you in my futuristic adventure-romance novel written for young and not-so-young adults? I am seeking Crowd Funding to publish in time for Christmas.  $29.90 will secure the 230 page paperback

[  ] The Novel in paperback format comprising 230 pages $29.90

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Thomas Lovett MBA, change adviser, author, broadcaster.

Recover Your Dream Australia, PO Box 100, Mount Victoria NSW 2786. Ph: 0408 167 963.



The Story

In the future dark spiritual forces control the One World Government.

Sylvan knows he is supposed to help weed out the Undites, an underground group that is hunted by World Security Police.

But when he discovers that Carol, a girl in his class, is an Undite, he believes what she says and becomes a fugitive himself.

When they and Dr Bernard Singe of Logos Quantum Science Academy uncover a plot to implant children with mind control devices, they must do everything they can to put a stop to it.

Only the Guardians can help the Undites overcome the evil all around them and begin the awakening.

Each chapter in Battle for Truth is a spiritual expedition through life’s triumphs and temptations, where the characters are learning ways of coping with the difficulties and evil all around us.

The heroes are being hunted by the World Government Security Police. Their extraordinary journey illuminates the chastisements and rewards we experience when we listen to the protector’s voice.

Revealed are the deceits, arrogance and failures of the worldly and the spiritual enemies of God and their final downfall. The spiritual enemies of God are not merely erudite and devious demonic monsters with horns and tails as portrayed by C. S. Lewis in Screwtape Letters[1], which spoke to previous generations. They are highly organized, crafty and powerful spiritual beings making meticulous plans and executing their deceitful mind-control schemes with military precision and extraordinary proficiency. After all, they once were holy angels and lost their high places due to pride and lust for power. They are defeated only by Christ-like humility and love.

From the consultant-editor: “I commend Battle for Truth to every young and not-so-young adult who is seeking a stimulating read by a competent writer with trustworthy spiritual insights and understanding – a better read than stories of wizards, witches and warlocks. The author’s military experience allows him to create convincing battle scenes of evil against good.”

Sydney 2095: World Security Police are hunting two high school students when guardians from another dimension intervene and the battles begin in earnest.

The novel describes great changes, the World Government, the guardians and what the protector will do for our grandchildren and their children when they are willing to put aside differences, realise that they are at war and have a good leader.

One fateful day, after their arrest and detainment three undites could have been filled with frustration after being pulled over by police, searched and questioned all morning and the tedium of waiting for their vehicle to be minutely examined. Instead, their day was filled with joyful excitement. They made it an opportunity to tell people about the protector. The protector and their spiritual guardians came swiftly to help them.

Enabling Tom’s Project

Many Australian churches are looking pretty grim and could now be described as bone-dry or arid. There are some pockets of life remaining. Can we keep these pockets alive through coming decades as older folk die?

We need outpourings of fresh spiritual rain to bring life back into Faith especially amongst the young. Or are we heading for the death of Christianity over the next couple of generations? What then will be the outcomes for our children and their children? In 2005, feeling disheartened about this, I prayed God’s refreshing Spirit will revive ‘dry’ lives, ‘dry’ relationships and ‘dry’ religion.

I asked God for guidance, “What do You want me to do, Lord?” Instantly the thought came, “Write”. I sat down but had no idea what to write about and for how long. Was it to be just another article or something more? I had no idea that I would keep on writing and revising the manuscript for thirteen years.

The first words I wrote were, “Lord, What do you want me to write?”

Jesus said trust God for the words 1 and that’s what I did. While working full-time I wrote at night and on weekends. Sustained by prayer my writing zeal gained momentum. Line by line, paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter words poured out for five whole years. The emerging story became one of a youthful romance in an adventure-packed novel based on Truth. The setting is in the future, the death of religion and the re-birth of true Faith in the Protector

When I finished the draft manuscript my health collapsed. God led some generous friends and one of my sons to move me out of Sydney West back to the Blue Mountains at Mount Victoria. Having closed my business I could spend my time editing the novel. I was able to scrape together enough to publish the limited first edition.The first limited edition was published in 2010 by the title, ‘The Unbelievers in the Age of Darwinolutionism’.   It was sold by Koorong. Reviewers and friends were excited by the truths it reveals. I was encouraged.

[1] “The Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say,” Luke 12;12 The Holy Bible, ERV (Easy-to-read version)

Next came ‘The Readers Study Guide’ aimed to draw out truths and share life-changing tools from my  40 years’ experience as a corporate change consultant, lecturer, avid reader, father, and part-time pastor and evangelist. The guide contains questions, quizzes, meditations, extra reading and a bibliography.

Readers and reviewers said the novel is –

“Futuristic realism … the Christian answer to Aldous Huxley and Brave New World– a Christian medical doctor

An entertaining and well-written novel that challenges the reader; a very enjoyable read.” – Koorong bookstore manager

Readers’ comments continued -

“This story touches the heart in ways few books can. It is a melding of adventure, fantasy, love and a growing awareness of the way God protects us when we open our hearts to him.” – Canadian realtor and multiple foster carer

“My faith is tested every day in my work but this novel revitalized it and gave me a vision of my guardian angels I knew I had but never envisioned and made me more aware of their presence and protection. Very sound Biblically.” – Sydney family doctor

Friends wrote,

“This is the first book I have read right to the last page. It blew me away;”

“A very disturbing vision of what our world may become if we remain unaware or uncaring of the world’s spiritual condition.”

The limited first edition sold out.

My consultant-editor, Barbara Gordon and I have completely revised the novel.

The task God gave me back in 2005 is accomplished at last!

The revised novel is being published under the title:

BATTLE for TRUTH – Resisting the Future One World Government

God has already opened hearts through this story to receive His spiritual refreshing, and enabling arid lives, arid relationships, and even arid churches to recover their God-given dreams

God gives signs of His merciful intentions. Below are signs that He overcomes deadness with life, loss with gain, sickness with health.

His spiritual rain sets us up to bounce back like majestic River Red Gums in the Macquarie Marshes, NSW.

I submit the project to fellow Australians who would like to see it come to fruition and open hearts and minds of more young and not–so-young adults to God’s dream for them.  In Christ our hope is found, Tom

Thomas R. Lovett MBA (AGSM), Corporate Change adviser, author, broadcaster

Recover Your Dream Australia convener and

Secretary, Mount Victoria House of Prayer, Inc.

PO Box 100, Mount Victoria, NSW 2786, Australia

Phone: 0408 167 963 (Mobile), Int’l: +61-2-408 167 963




This makes me very excited by what an outpouring of God’s Living Water will do when we offer Him the opportunity.

Lives, relationships and even churches will be revitalised by God’s Living Water, just like how these ghostly Red Gums were brought back to life by bountiful rain.  – Tom

“It was looking pretty grim in May,” said Senior Wetlands Conservation Officer looking after the Macquarie Marshes, Tim Hosking. “There was no indication of any wet weather”.

The 200,000-hectare Macquarie Marshes are officially recognised as a wetland of international importance. Above average rain comes as a relief to the Macquarie Marshes.  While the marshes can tolerate dry spells of up to three years, any longer would signal a sure death for many of the plant and animal species that rely on the vitally important wetland system. Katharine Catelotti from the UNSW Centre for Ecosystem Science told Fairfax that the “wetland is shrinking,” describing the Macquarie Marshes were a “dead forest”.

The iconic river red gum trees, rooted in depressingly dry riverbeds, were suffocating. Deprived of water Australian Red Gums were bare and ghostly white. But rain began sweeping across floodplains in north-western NSW.

Prayers were answered as rain began to pelt the Macquarie Marshes once again, turning the bone-dry riverbank into a flood-soaked plain.

“High flows are reaching the woodlands, meeting the water needs of the red gums and filling the shallow groundwater system,” Hosking said. “The rain is setting us up for spring”.

As Australia’s most important site for the mass breeding of waterbirds, the Marshes are critical to ensuring the preservation of dwindling bird populations.

Unfortunately, waterbird stocks in the region plummeted more than 80 per cent since 1983. But when flooding begins waterbirds flock to the region.  “There is a sense of optimism,” Mr Hosking said. “The area is bouncing back after years of dryness”.

(Fairfax Press

BATTLE FOR TRUTH – Resisting the Future One World Government

Futuristic Young Adult Novel

Thomas R. Lovett with Barbara Gordon

The acid test of a book’s usefulness

is not how many people read it, or whether newspapers approve of it, but what differences it makes to individual lives.” – Garth Lean, London Times editor and World War II UK Moral Rearmament co-founder, from his memoire, Good God it Works!

Some differences Tom’s book makes to people’s lives:

What remained with me above all and impacted my life after reading this novel?  The awareness of the presence of the ‘God Forces’… it just brought such a new awareness of the Holy Spirit’s constant Presence and protection to me. It has helped me more than once to not feel blue and lonely; helped me to visualise those heavenly musicians and spiritual guardians around me and to ‘experience’ in a very real way the comfort of an unseen but certain heavenly host.” – Stella Louwrens, Lecturer and Librarian (ret.), South Africa

“This feedback is from someone who mainly reads magazines. Tom’s book is the only book I have ever read right to the last page. It blew me away. I was intrigued by the story and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. I was moved by some of the scenes, especially when the characters Leah and Charley renewed their love after being cold to each other for so long. I have taken on some of Carol’s and Silvan’s attitude. The other day I was sitting in the park at Mt Druitt waiting for my doctor’s appointment.  There was a youngish woman on a bench nearby. We got talking. She told me she wanted to live long enough to see her seventh grandchild born and then she would die. She has liver disease and she held up a beer bottle. ‘This is why,’ she said. Then some words came to me. I told her that it was only a bottle and she can leave it alone from now on so she can see all her grandchildren grow up and get married!  We talked about her children and grandchildren and about her health, and I kept telling her it is only a bottle and she can just leave it alone. Before I left her, she said to me, ‘Thank you so much…’” – Val Savage, Grandmother & Retiree, Rooty Hill NSW

“This is feedback from Sally: She is a young woman who is currently writing a book.  She calls me every morning, I think just to make sure I am still alive, since I am so old. :) When you are in your thirties, you think someone in their 60′s is very old indeed. Sally is a real reader and if she says a book is very good, you can bet that is exactly what she thinks. She loved “The Unbelievers…” said she had put it aside for a couple of months as she was so busy, but sat down to read it the other day, and couldn’t put it down. She read it right through, and just loves it. Said it is one of the best books she has ever read.”  – Mary Craddock, Realtor, Ontario, Canada

“I commend the Battle of the Undites to every young and not-so-young adult who is seeking a stimulating read by a competent writer with trustworthy spiritual insights and understanding – a far better read than stories of wizards, witches and warlocks.” – Barbara Gordon, Editor, Blackheath NSW


Cataclysms for the world and human destiny happen when Darwin’s theories finally sweep away the power elites’ belief in human spirituality and faith in the Creator. The novel depicts incredible technological changes, the world government, and what the guardians and the protector will do for our grandchildren and their children when they are willing to set aside differences, realize we are in a spiritual war and have the Creator of the universe as their personal protector and leader.

Our grandchildren’s children will have never known religion. The Supreme World Council of Centras order the World Government to destroy religion. World Government security forces suppress belief in the Creator using their power and authority and new thought control technologies. Australia is the guinea pig.

In 2095 facing mortal danger two courageous high school students resist the world leader, are branded ‘undites’ and hunted by security police. The protector makes miracles happen again. In the ultra-cynical extreme hi-tech world they find meaning and love while listening to the protector’s voice.

Other characters, their love lost through pathos and tragedy, share a vision and acknowledge their personal grief that kept them apart. They find a deeper love restored.

Some characters are endearing, some sinister and some are terrifying.

The awakening begins in Sydney South at Georges River. It starts with a strange book found hidden in some old ruins, with surprising outcomes.

To readers: You may wonder why evil spirits in this story have such nice names. Evil spirits and evil people want to masquerade as ‘good’, even as saviours, deliverers or liberators. By 2095 ultimate power has gone to their heads. They believe in their own deception that they are saviours of the world. However, giving themselves nice names and grandiose titles does not change their evil nature, neither in this novel, nor in the Australian community or in the world at large.

You may also wonder why the heroes are surnamed seemingly negatively, O’Fear and Doughty. In Irish Gaelic these names are heroic – World Book of Names. 

CROWD FUNDING ADVANCE ORDER TO:Lovett Management Solutions


Email: or PO Box 100, Mount Victoria NSW 2786

Thomas R. Lovett

This book changes lives

“Reading and editing this novel brought God’s love an peace more deeply into my soul.” – Barbara Gordon

“Congratulations on completing your intriguing book. I sensed great peace and love coming through this book. This is a great achievement.” – Emily Trotter


Please supply     (Paperback pricesinclude postage within Australia)

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If ordering E-Books please specify [  ] mobi [  ] ePub, and Email address

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 The Author

THOMAS R. LOVETT MBA, raised on a farm, became a woolclasser, soldier, journalist and change consultant. In his consulting career spanning five decades he was retained by over nine hundred Australian and PNG businesses, professional firms, government authorities and corporations.

He authored pioneering management textbooks, established a new college course, conducted seminars and conferences, presented papers at national and international conferences, and led the formation of professional associations and community clubs, conducted short courses and was change adviser and mentor to individuals and groups.

Father of four boys and two girls Thomas is now grandfather to twenty four. Prior to being called to use his voice on radio he was a church elder, a part-time pastor and evangelist. He broadcasts the weekly Recover Your Dream Australia radio program.

Thomas began writing his futuristic novel in 2005 revising and completing it in 2018. His life, work and army experience helped him weave the disturbing futuristic plot with romance, fantastic conspiracy and battle scenes.

 BATTLE for TRUTH – Resisting the Future One World Government

revised from

“The Unbelievers in the Age of Darwinolutionism”

Thomas R. Lovett


Fantasy and mysticism based on Truth in a futuristic romantic adventure story for young and not-so-young adults. It tells of God’s love working in the lives of ordinary people who learn to obey His voice.

Two teenagers face danger and temptation and find love in purity and light as they listen to God’s voice.

Other characters, their love lost through tragedy have a greater love restored.

A wide cast of characters populate the pages, some endearing, some not too frightening, others fearsome.

A hundred and fifty years ago who could have imagined today’s advances – some inconceivably good that we take for granted – some incredibly evil?

The novel describes future scientific and technological advances, some good and some evil, which describe an alarming yet believable future.

You probably can envisage similar events happening sometime in the future should the world give up believing in the Christian God.  Being governed according to Darwin’s principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’ and its natural extension, “there is no god, evolution is our god and only the fittest are fit to govern”.

God might then step back and say, “Okay, I will leave you to face the evil prince of this world on your own.”  He waits for a new generation to seek him with all their hearts; then  he will make miracles happen again.

Subtly – almost subliminally – conveyed in this novel are the author’s life lessons and morals hewn from his failures and successes battling for existence, fighting to survive, and from adventures and misadventures at the coal face: from five-year-old roadside flower seller, ten-year-old farm worker, cow milker, fruit picker-packer and vegetable grower; from high school victim, to office junior, to college, to shearing shed boss; to army intelligence, to systems consultant , to magazine writer and editor, to profession founder, to corporate consultant/MBA graduate and international speaker; and as a father of six, Salvation Army officer/evangelist,  colonial dancer, radio presenter, and Recover Your Dream Australia founder-presenter and author. He knew pain, multiple near-death experiences, financial successes and failures, love and fatherhood, Lot-like loss and restoration, and more…

From the Foreword: By Dr. Gabor Agyagasi MB. BS. AMC. Family Medical Practitioner, Sydney :-

“This book is an excellent spiritual shake up. The futuristic-educational approach is greatly appreciated and started to talk to my soul immediately… There is as much fun here as serious matters which makes the fabric of this excellent Christian fiction almost palpably realistic. Last time I had this feeling of detailed futuristic realism was when I read Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. ‘The Battle of the Undites’ does it much better and, of course, this new world is not a hopeless one. This novel really is the Christian answer to ‘Brave New World’ and Aldous Huxley.”

Mary Craddock, Realtor and mother of Missy, Ontario, Canada. Missy is a landscaper and ski instructor – “Just to let you know that Missy is almost finished your book, and says it is a great book.  She says it is so well written and interesting.”

Peter Younghusband, church book buyer, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria – “Hi Thomas, I am currently reading your novel and thoroughly loving it. I cannot put it down. This is a great story. I love the spiritual warfare aspects, the way you have portrayed the love of God, the interaction of His Spirit into the characters’ lives. My 19 year old daughter wants to read it too.”

Valerie Savage, Retiree, Sydney:  “Tom, your book blew me away. I was intrigued by the story line and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. This is the only book I have ever read right to the last page,. The part about Leah and Charley was moving. This feedback is coming from someone who mainly reads magazines.”

Mairie Craddock, Seaway Valley, Ontario – “This story touches the heart in a way that few books can. It is a perfect melding of adventure, fantasy, love, and a growing awareness of the way God will protect us when we open our hearts to him.”

Warren Ward, manager, Koorong Books, Penrith, previously a CSIRO researcher who now follows his passion for Christian literature and books – “A very enjoyable read in which the author paints a graphic but disturbing picture of what our world may become if we continue to remain unaware or uncaring of the spiritual aspect of the world we currently inhabit.  This book is not just a well-written and entertaining futuristic novel but is also a book in which some of the more challenging, not easily understood or taught about aspects of the Christian’s walk are addressed in a manner which leaves you wanting more”.

Helen Storer, CEO, The Foundary, (Life training for street kids) – “I believe you already know in your heart your book will become a bestselling telemovie or big-screen movie, as parts are so descriptive they evoke striking mental images. Knowing how meticulously you research, I am confident your labour of love will be a great success.”

© Copyright Thomas R. Lovett 2015 – Email:, Website:


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