Ministers Forum 220616 Agnes Tilley, life-long carer

 for this Wednesday 22nd June 2016

This is a special interview with a delightful octogenarian lady who grew up in Bathurst, attended an Anglican church with her grandmother and lived on a farm in Cullen Bullen most of her adult life.

She has no regrets except losing her husband to cancer 31 years ago. She is a wonderful example to all young women – and older ones too.

If only we had more like her….  the world would be a better place in which to live.

(I reckon there are many more folk like Agnes in the Central West yet to be interviewed.)

Hence, this program is 32 minutes, as I could not identify any segments I could edit out without losing some of the flavour of the interview with this remarkable young-at-heart/elder lady
Tune in to LIFE-FM 100.1 at from 9pm on Wednesday 22nd June

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Australia is on the cusp of a great awakening, which God is preparing like no other. He is leaving nothing to chance or the last minute.
This awakening is to be led by restored wounded shepherds.
All of us seek fulfilling lives, but surveys show that most people live lives of quiet desperation.
Are you entitled to a fulfilling life?
What makes a fulfilling life?
Would you want one if you could have one?
There are many false concepts, advertising and marketing propaganda we must first abandon.
Thrills from the world’s prizes which beckon to us in various stages of our lives, do not last.
Are you willing to go after a better and everlasting prize and a truly fulfilling life journey?
Probably you would if you could be sure it is real.
How can you be sure?
Like everything else in life, you have to try it before you can tell if it will work for you.
How can I do that? You might ask.
One thing is certain, if you try this one and become addicted you won’t be harmed in any way.
This program is available on CD from Recover Your Dream Australia, Email:

Recover Your Dream Australia with Tom’s Aussie Muster

Sit back, relax & enjoy

Australian, European, Canadian & American Folk Music & Songs

Previously weekly 2-hour program on Blue Mountains Community Radio BLU89.1 FM, from November 1997 to August 2010.

Now weekly on Saturdays and Sundays on LIFE-FM 100.1, Bathurst and Central West.

Also produced independently on CD Recover Your Dream Australia albums, and webcast.

The best traditional and modern Australian ballads and rollicking Celtic, Anglo, European, Canadian and American folk songs, tunes and bush songs, poems, recitations, yarns an stories abut pioneering life and current events in the folk scene. Also stores and interviews with people who are overcoming tragedy, loss or obstacles to fulfilling their life dreams.

*  Interviews recorded at the National Folk Festival, Canberra

“You’re a sincere but lively interviewer, Tom. Your experience shows.”  Laura Field, drama teacher. Principal, Spoken Word Studio, Nottingham, UK, interviewed at Glenbrook NSW, July 2010

“Hi Tom, It was such a special interview, the energy was amazing! very cathartic! … As you would know there are sacrifices that sometimes need to be made in order to have what your heart wants to make it all work.  Ingy’s vocal recovery is my inspiration that my vocal can recover also, well that and pure determination and hard work that it will in fact recover and be better than ever. Tahlia is gifted, bless her! Hugs to you and yours . Keep smiling, and blessings to you, Your prayer came at the right time! so thank you.” KarenAnne Waters of Racz ’n Waters, Winner OZ Award 2010 Interviewed with Tahlia Racz and Ingrid Racz at the National Folk Festival, Easter, 2010

Racz & Waters singing 'Down to the River to Pray'

“Tom, It was a delight to be there… you’re doing a wonderful job, using the gifts and words God has given you. Thanks again,“ Naomi Reed, author of the Christian Book of the year, 2009, also The Promise, Blaxland, Blue Mountains NSW – interviewed Oct, 2009

“Tom, It was great fun being interviewed by you at the National Folk Festival. You have the knack of making people feel comfortable… regards,”  Ian Luscombe, Principal, Redbank School, Westmead NSW. May 2009

Aitch, Singer, Songwriter, Reciter, Poet, Performer, All Over *

Guryel Ali, Pastor, Singer/Songwriter, Gospel Chapel Band, Geelong, Victoria

Jaoquin Amenabar, Prof.Bandoneon, Conservatoria, BuenosAires Argentina *

Jay Bennett, World Advocate, Youth With a Mission, USA

Baxter Black, Cowboy Poet, Author, Radio Commentator, Benson, Arizona, USA

Suzie Benitez, Director, Filipino Bayhanihan Folkloric Group, The Philippines

Sonia Bennett, Singer/Songwriter, Bush Musician, Sydney

John Bianca & members, Bush Telegraph Band, Beechworth & Wangaratta, Victoria

Alex Bishop, Ryebuck Bush Band, Sydney

Julie Bishop, American Contra Dance Teacher, Sydney

Eric Bogle, Singer / Songwriter, Adelaide, Sth Australia *

Bernard Bolan, Singing Solicitor & Songwriter, Spruiker, Sydney  *

Bob Bolton, Musician/Teacher, Bush Music Club Inc. Historian, Sydney

Leanne Botham, Singer/Songwriter, Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW

Ian Brierley, Bush Story Teller and Reciter, Canberra, ACT

Julie Briggs, Organiser, Narrandera John O’Brien Bush Festival

Vicky Brown, Theatre Dramatist, Choreographer, Blue Mountains

Jane Brownlee, Fiddler, Teacher, Wongawilli Band, Sydney *

Cec Bucello, Editor-& Publisher, Trad & Now, Gosford *

Dan Burns, Artilery Officer (ret) Navigators rep. Royal Military College, Duntroon, Canberra

Colin Carrington, Bush Poet & Reciter, Bendigo, Victoria

Martin Colquhoun, Sybil Allyon, Cajun Dance Leaders, Adelaide *

Barbara Costello, Scottish Country Dancer, Hunter Valley

Alan Chick (Chiko) Swag ‘n Billy Bush Band, Narrandera NSW

Ian Crook, Bush Dance Caller, Fair Dinkum Bush Band, Gosford NSW

Connie Cullen, Nurse Manager, Speaker, Comedian, Sydney

John & Amanda Daly & members Currawong Bush Band, Sydney

Kutcha Edwards, Mutti Mutti man, indigenous Singer/Songwriter, Balranald NSW *

Dave de Hugard, Australian Folk Music Collector, Singer/Songwriter *

John Dengate, Singer/Songwriter, Reciter, Sydney *

David Di Santi, Accordionist, Wongawilli Band, Festival Organiser, Wollongong, NSW

E.W. (Ted) Docker, Historian, Author, Hampton, NSW

Melissa Docker, Playwright, Theatre Director, Actress & Broadcaster, Hampton, NSW

Pat Drummond, Singer / Songwriter / Producer, Blue Mountains

Peter Ellis, Author, Caller, Teacher, Emu Creek Bush Band, Bendigo *

Warren Fahey, Australian Folk Song Collector, Singer/Songwriter, Broadcaster *

Laura Field, Performance & Presentation Skills, Spoken Word Studio,Nottingham,UK

Shiela Fielding, Speaker, Reciter, Impersonator, Sydney

Dan Fernandez, Curator, Screensound Australia, Canberra ACT *

Bob Foggin, Bush Musician, Fiddler, Sydney

Jenny Gall PhD, Folk Musician, Collector, NLA/NFF Folk Fellow 2009, Canberra ACT *

Margaret Goldfinch, Hospital Psychologist, Bush Dancer, Pennant Hills, NSW *

Lance Green, Colonial & Contra Dance Caller & Author The Blue Book, Canberra ACT *

David Francey, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Story Teller, Ontario, Canada *

Sr. Lorraine Gatehouse & Merryl Bollard, The Gathering Place, Canberra

Ray Grieves, Author, Researcher, Musician, Bushlark, Blue Mountains,  NSW

Gareth Harris, London trained actor, drama director, actiing tutor, Brisbane Qld

Patrick Harte, Kate Lysiak, Kent Learned, The Gang Gangs, Katoomba, NSW

Peter & Susanne, Harvey, Managers, Lutanda Recreation Centre, Mount Victoria NSW

Fiona Hawkins, Classical Pianist, Composer, Recording Artist, Painter, Hartley NSW

Lane Hinchcliffe, Writer/Composer & medical student, Westleigh, NSW

Margot Hitchcock, Cajun Dancer/Teacher, Melbourne, Victoria *

Richard Holz, Folk Buff, Guitarist, Radio Presenter, Katoomba, NSW

Graeme Johnson, The “Rhymer from Ryde” Bush Poet, Sydney

Mike Kempt, Adventure Training Manager, Full-On, NZ

Denis Kevans, (d) Folk Singer & Songwriter, Poet & Reciter, B/Mtns NSW

John Lane-Smith, Author, Keynote Speaker, Mt. White, NSW

Jan Lansdowne, psychologist, social worker, dancer, Canberra *

Malcolm Leyland (of Leyland Brothers) TV Documentary Maker, Glen Innes NSW

Steve Lockwood & members of Sydney Coves Bush Band, Sydny

Gary Lowe, Bush Poet, Berkley Vale NSW

Karen Lynne, Singer / Songwriter, Leura, Blue Mountains NSW

Wilma Lyon, Bush Musician, Bellbird Bush Band, Pianist, Teacher

Ian Luscombe, School Principal, Bush Dancer, Westleigh NSW *

Bob Magor, Bush Poet, Speaker, Sheep Farmer, Myponga, Sth Australia

Rod McDonald, Bush Musician, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW

Bob McInnes, Bush Musician, Scottish Fiddler, Nowra, NSW *

Peter & Sue McMahon, Bush Musicians, Singers, Instrument Maker, Teacher, Sydney

Louise Markus MP for Greenway & Candidate for Macquaire, Vinyard, NSW

Maggie Marrisen, Dutch Culture & Bible Teacher, Youth With A Mission, Canberra

John Monro, Peter Titchener, Kat Kraus, Colcannon Band, Adelaide Sth Australia *

Tiriel Mora, actor Dubbo

Annette & John Morey, Swag ‘n Billy Bush Band, Narrandera NSW

Alan Musgrove, Bush Musician, Singer, Collector, NSW *

Carrl Myriad, Leader, Ragged Band, Celtic Singer/Songwriter, Sydney

Bill Newman, Evangelist, Bill Newman Ministries, Carindale, Queensland

Gregory North, Bush Poet, Entertainer, Radio Presenter, BlueMts

Paddy & Glori O’Brien, Performers, Singer/Songwriters NSW

Lawry Olafson, Folk Singer & Songwriter, BC., Canada

Tom Papas, Festival Organiser, Fund Raiser, Broadcaster, Blackheath, Blue Mtns

Ros Pappalardo Singer/Songwriter/Musician,WomenInDocs, Qld *

Lee Anne Proberts, Exec Asst, Int’l Council for Traditional Music, Canberra, ACT

Lisa Quast, Champion Poet, Performer, Narrandera Bush Festival, NSW

Ken Quinnell, Author, Broadcaster, President Radio BLU 89.1 FM

Bluey Quilty, Bush Chef, Bush Poet & Reciter, Leura, Blue Mountains NSW

Tahlia & Ingrid Racz and KarenAnne Waters, Folk Singers, Central Coast NSW *

Naomi Reed, Author, Winner No.1 Christian Book of 2009, Missionary Physiotherapist

Don Richmond, Bush Musician, Dance Caller & Teacher, Currawong Band, Sydney

Joanne Rolfe, Lavande Narrandera Lavender Farm, NSW

Helen & Tony Romeo, Bush Musicians, Southern Cross Band, Sydney

Jason & Chloe Roweth, Singers/Songwriters, Musicians, NSW

George Royter, Singer/Songwriter, Nowra NSW

Anthony & Lisa Simon, Scottish/ Irish Ceili Dance Teachers, Sydney

Letty & Nathan Scott, Aboriginal Painter, Music Student, Sydney

Melvyn Shreeve, Musician, Farmer, Macarthur Sounds, Canowindra, NSW

Ian Speed and Family, Dance Coordinator, Glen Innes Celtic Festival, NSW

Ray & Jenny Simpson, Blackberry Jam Bush Band, Nerial Ck Folk Festival, Vic *

Rebecca, Declan & Clancy Simpson, Celtaclysmic Australian Celtic Band, Melbourne *

Noel Stallard, (aka. Fr John O’Brien) Poet & Impersonator, Brisbane

Don and Helen Stormer, Bible College Principal (rtd) CMI Aid, Dural

Helene Taylor, Hunter Valley Scottish Country Dancer

Jack Thompson AM, actor, musician, patron, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, NSW

Pauline Turner, Director of Boarding, Presbyterian Ladies College, Croydon, NSW

Angie Volensky, Social Carer, Dancer, Blue Mountains NSW

Roger Walter, Australian Folk Music & Heritage Centre, Coonabarabran, NSW

Leila Wedd, Artist, Writer, Blue Mountains NSW

Margaret & Bill Winnett, Sydney Irish Dance Teachers, Sydney

George Winston, Chairman, Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group, NSW

Christine Wheeler, Wheelers & Dealers Celtic Australian Band, Blue Mtns NSW

John Wilson, Landscape Artist, Katoomba NSW

Graeme Wincer, Refugee Advocate, Faulconbridge, NSW

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Scottish Musicians/Composers, Orkney Is.

Martin Wyndham-Read, Folk Singer & Songwriter, U.K. & Australia *

Kirby Yates, Life Coach, Radio Presenter, Katoomba NSW

Gary Young, Film Director/Producer, Sydney

Jim Young, Producer, Australian Heritage Dancers Inc., Sydney

Wm Paul Young, New York Times best selling author, The Shack, Oregon USA


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