Seven Principles of

Professional Satisfaction & Success

Thomas R. Lovett, change adviser 

“Study to show yourself approved…”

2 Timothy 2:15

“Do you see a man (or woman) skilled in his work?

He will serve before kings;

He will not serve before obscure men.”

Proverbs 22:29

Getting Things Done

Seven Principles of Professional Satisfaction & Success


Under a heavy load?

For years you’ve had too much to do?

Lighten your load for heaven’s sake!

Get on top of your work.

A manager cannot afford to do all the important work himself.

Stop trying.  Start delegating.

This two-day course covers uncommonly applied common sense described in clear words, distilling some of Tom’s key methods that have been successfully applied in hundreds of professional firms, companies and public offices all around Australia.

The course content has been selected from the author’s methods designed to reduce workloads and motivate staff, edited and updated from Tom’s writings and broadcasts on radio, his many conference papers and journal articles and his series of sixty syndicated articles published in Sydney and in two regional weeklies in Queensland and New South Wales.

How do you go about getting things done?

Two personal aspects about yourself must first be examined:

  1. What are my strengths?
  2. How do I perform?

Guidance is given on these aspects.

Course Content:

1. Be Selective

Twelve Rules   for Delegation

2. Be Decisive

Make Complete   Decisions

         Five Rules
3. Be Generous
        Reward   Yourself
4. Be Brisk

Controlled Urgency

         Early Rising
        Awareness of   Time

Manage Yourself in Relation to Time

5. Schedule the Work
6. Use Effective Planning Methods
7. A Remedial Planning Program
Summary & Recommended Reading
Appendix A: About Turn on Time
Appendix B: How Do You Perform?
Appendix C. Information Mapping

Appendix D. Course Motivates Managers

Appendix E. What is a Futurist?

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