• Vision, Mission and Corporate Values Statements


  • The Mount Victoria House of Prayer (MVHoP) is a Christian organisation sharing people’s experiences with God through quietness and stillness, praying for spiritual guidance and for the restoration of people’s lives and the recovery of their dreams.

 Jesus said;

  • “I am the resurrection and the life”. John 11:25
  • “Be still, and know that I am God”. Psalm 46:10
  • “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength”. Isaiah 30:15


  • The MVHoP is a non-denominational and not affiliated with any particular church so as to encourage and provide non-church goers with avenues to participate in Godly activities to strengthen our faith in God. We are ready to be connected to every Christian church.
  •  Mount Victoria House of Prayer (MVHoP) is open to all persons, interdenominational and free, it is anointed under the grace of God, the love of His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • The MVHoP is a place of Christian fellowship. We welcome people who do not attend Church and open-minded Church goers who wish to share with us.
  •  We are part of a wider body of Christians called to pray to God for spiritual renewal in the Blue Mountains, across NSW, across Australia and the world beyond.
  •  We recognise that individual Churches cannot possibly support all the functions Church members may be called upon to fulfil, so MVHoP encourages Christians to remain connected to their respective local Churches and encourages new Christians to join a local Christian Church of their choosing.
  •  Mount Victoria House of Prayer (MVHoP) is a ministry supporting people to stay connected with their local Church, in essence we are a ministry supporting the universal Christian Church.


Bank details are as follows – BSB 062 507     A/c Number: 1019 8957



President’s Report

  • Our secretary/treasurer, Tom was still recovering from his knee operation in May 2017, which slowed things down a bit this year. However it gave him more time to work on his book which he did to the extent that we finished it. The editing was a big part of that. Barbara was very much involved in the editing. We also re designed the front and back covers and gave it a new title: BATTLE for TRUTH – Resisting the Future One World Government.  The cost of some professional editing and the publication of the book took much of the finances so we had on hold most of our regular donations.
  •  Regular pamphlet delivery however continued as normal on a weekly basis. Prayer and walk.
  • The folding of pamphlets is a bit time consuming but we have got it down to a fine art now and it is always a good time to sit down and catch up. This is a very stable and regular income for House of Prayer and though not much pay it adds up.
  •  Prayer and Ministry: Tom started mentoring Paul Barker who was an ex alcoholic and drug taker.
  • It’s been an up and down road but Paul is making great headway. This will be recorded in the next financial year Agm meeting which we plan to hold in July and then continue it as a mid year thing.
  • Tom has been attending the Hosanna church at Portland and made some good contacts there. He also mentors some of the men from there.
  •  Barbara has her weekly Connect Group which stems from her church CNL Katoomba. She is still having flute lessons and bringing that into her ministry. This year she also connected and supported Cathy Walls from Orange who came to stay with her on a couple of weekends. Another person she supports a lot is Ian Pearce at Molong. This financial year perhaps more than any other because she helped him move house from a farm out of town to a small house in town. Judy and Ian Lyons were also a great support and help during this time. This was followed up with help in other areas concerning day to day life as well as finances. House of Prayer has supported Ian over this time of transition to help get him on his feet. He is a close friend and now a member of HOP.
  •  Life FM Radio: Tom had previously made radio programs for this station in Bathurst but this financial year saw a huge change where it was taken over by another group of people. Tom did not agree with their policies or ethics. Along with other previous members there they stood up to the new ownership and this ended in a split. So Tom no longer provides programs for this radio station.
  • He is more ‘free lance’
  •  Anglican St John’s Church, Hartley Carols service: In December we did our bit for the Hartley Carol Service with Tom narration and Barbara’ item and accompaniment on her Lyre. This is a yearly event by House of Prayer. It is always enjoyable and a beautiful service. It is on video and available on Utube if anyone would like to ask us for the link.
  •  January 2018: We came to Orange for our 2017 AGM and touched base with friends and members. We went out to dinner afterwards.
  •  February: House of Prayer Meetings were started up again on a fortnightly basis. Prayer, worship, Bible study, fellowship. Ken Gordon has been a regular attendee and supports House of Prayer with his tithes to which we are enormously grateful. We are so grateful also to other members who support us with donations. Other attendees at this meeting when it started were Jim Thomson, Irris Marion, and some of Tom’s connections from Portland and Lithgow: Brian, Bob, Dianne, Gary, Mark.
  •  National Day of Prayer and Fasting: We joined in with this and held our meeting in the garden at Tom’s house. People came and went during the day. Jim and Barbara did worship. There was much Bible Reading of Scripture and of course much prayer. As a result of that day Ian Pearce came to acknowledge his faith in Jesus Christ in Molong at the Lyons house so we never know what God is doing through our prayers far and wide across the nation.
  •  April: Tom’s 80th Birthday. A grand occasion. Tom is doing so well as an 80 year old, maybe not so well physically but definitely mentally. His mind and creative capacity is always buzzing.
  • So we celebrated this with Bill and Fiona Towns and family at Cargo. It was also Bill’s 60th.  This was a wonderful bush dance occasion. Roma and Paula came too. We all enjoyed it very much except Tom danced too much which effected his knees.
  • After that Barbara stayed on in Orange to meet up with Ian and to visit the Lyons in Molong.
  •  May: House of Prayer Presentation at Hosanna Church in Portland. Tom and I gave a talk and power point presentation of the House of Prayer and it’s history and vision for the future and received a substantial offering for Mt Victoria HoP.
  •  Prayer:  It is impossible to record all the prayer times that we have continually. Every week after we finish the walk we have a time of prayer and fellowship. It seems that this routine every week is a thread that holds us together. We have to come together for the pamphlet distribution no matter what is happening in our lives. That is an on going commitment. But it is also an opportunity to pray on a regular basis and bring to the table all the things that happen in a week not just for our lives personally but for other people’s lives.
  •  Then of course there is an ongoing almost daily texting or ringing to bring people to prayer for issues and sometimes urgent or tragic circumstances that come up through our network and connections through House of Prayer.
  •  This next financial year we have started a journal so that we can record everything in more detail. There is so much that gets missed if we don’t record it.  So hopefully the President’s Report will have more substance, energy and inspiration in the coming years.

Barbara Gordon/ President Mount Victoria House of Prayer

Secretary’s Report

  • Secretary’s Annual Report – Seventh Year since Foundation
  • Financial Year 2017 – 2018   Prepared on 3 December 2018
  • As well as secretary and treasurer for Mount Victoria House of Prayer, I continue my original ministry Recover Your Dream, praying with folk I meet and with people the Lord puts in my path while presenting and producing radio programs for distribution on Christian Radio, CDs and via the Internet, and writing Christian articles.
  • I welcome introducing into the House of Prayer a new regular helper, Paul Barker.
  • The first half of this year I spent recovering from my full knee replacement.
  • With the assistance of professional editors, Barbara and I prepared the manuscript for my Christian futuristic novel, BATLE for TRUTH – Resisting the Future One World Government and commenced the publishing process.
  • Mount Victoria House of Prayer membership now stands at ten, Barbara Gordon, Roma Ranford, Tom Lovett, Peg Bowler, Kathy and Peter Walls, William and Fiona Towns, Jim Thomson and Ian Pearce.
  • This year we have held gatherings and prayers plus our regular weekly prayer times and also weekly prayer walks throughout Mount Victoria. While delivering catalogues and pamphlets to the letterboxes we pray for the residents. This work supplies income for the House of Prayer. But this year donations were the most important source.
  • My donated Ford Falcon car has required maintenance, for which Mt Victoria House of Prayer has assisted as the car is essential for our weekly prayer walks and travel. It is going well.
  • Since departing LIFE-FM Bathurst since it’s takeover by HOPE-FM, I’m anticipating God will provide a new broadcasting medium, I continue to conduct interviews and produce Recover Your Dream Australia programs and distribute them on CDs to a number of seekers and interested folk and via the Internet.
  • My 2016 fifty page submission to LIFE-FM, which was rejected by the Board, is my template modus operandi for a genuine Christian radio station. I am willing to broadcast for a Christian Station/Network that accepts it.
  • I have acquired at my own expense a new laptop that allows me to utilise my broadcast quality Rode Podcaster microphone to conduct broadcast quality interviews.
  • I attend services and events in several Anglican and Pentecostal churches, and continue to narrate at the Hartley Anglican Carols Service with Barbara’s accompaniment on her lyre
  • Working with our president, Barbara Gordon to bring her vision for the House of Prayer in Mount Victoria to fruition is stimulating and an ongoing spiritual growth experience. God certainly has given a huge challenge for just the two of us, and which can only be realised with God’s power and the help and support of our members whom God has chosen for this task. We believe a non-denominational House of Prayer on the top of the Blue Mountains – the ‘Gateway to the West’ – is pivotal to the spread of God’s Kingdom in NSW.
  • For starters, we have recently been encouraged by Portland Hosanna Christian Fellowship and some of its members who attend our newly commenced twice per month Tuesday prayer times.
  •        Thomas R. Lovett, secretary/treasurer

Treasurer’s Report

  • Financial Year July 2017 – June 2018   Prepared on 3 December 2018
  • Financially we are solvent and make regular donations to Christian Ministries. This year we also made a number of home care donations to help a handicapped person.
  • Income covers the running expenses of our own ministry. Expenditure, as well as outward donations, is for the association registration fee and ministry resources and expenses, books, music and sermon CDs, office expenses, printing and stationery, share of cleaning and motor vehicle expenses, walkers’ remuneration, postage, music, volunteer training, etc.
  • Income derives from weekly pamphlet deliveries (prayer walk) and some regular donations, plus publishing purpose donations.
  • Mount Victoria House of Prayer is a non-profit association registered on the 24th Feb, 2012 under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009.As such, we are required to submit a summary of our financial affairs each year, following the AGM, to NSW Dept. of Fair Trading, as follows:
  •  ‘So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. As it is written:
  • “He has dispersed abroad,
  • He has given to the poor;
  • His righteousness endures forever.”’

 2017/2018 & 2016/2017 Financial Years Results

as at 30 June each year

Gross Income:                          2017/18             2016/17

Donations received           $5,255              $3,854

Pamphlet Distribution      $4,500              $3,001

$9,755              $6,855


Expenses/donations          $8,645              $6,259

Net Income                              $1,110              $   596


Current liabilities              $       0              $       0


Fixed Assets                     $3,556              $3,951

Library estimate                 1,355              $1,234

Cash at Bank                     2,734              $1,656

$7,645              $6,841

Net Worth                                $8,755              $7,437

Conclusion: Compared with last financial year:

  • Gross Income increased by 42%
  • Expenditure increased by 38% and
  • Net Income increased by 54%
  • Which is a promising outcome financially, thanks to our hard work delivering pamphlets and our generous donors.
  • We are not required to appoint an auditor while our income is less than $50,000 pa. This will take approximately 5 years at the current rate of increase.
  • Thomas R. Lovett, secretary/treasurer

Mount Victoria House of Prayer, Inc.

2 Corinthians 9:7-9


Annual General Meeting 2017 - Minutes

  • The meeting opened at 5.35 pm on Tuesday 2nd January 2018
  • At the Oriana Motor Inn, Woodward St, Orange NSW 2800

Present: Peg Bowler, Nashdale, Isaac Bulivou, Canowindra, Barbara Gordon, Blackheath, Tom Lovett, Mt Victoria, Peter and Kathy Walls, Orange

Guests: Ian Pearce, Molong, James Conna, Blayney

Apologies: Paula Bulivou, Canowindra, Roma Ranford, Faulconbridge, Jim Thomson, Springwood, Bill and Fiona Towns, Cargo

The meeting opened with prayer led by Isaac Bulivou

  • Welcome and introduction of members and guests. Each member and guest introduced themself and spoke about why they support Mount Victoria House of Prayer, acknowledging that we are each a house of prayer, and need also to belong to a corporate house of prayer (audio recorded)
  • Tom spoke on God’s miraculous working for Mount Victoria House of Prayer over seven years from receiving the vision; God is working something huge, (recorded and notes attached)
  • Members and guests then toasted Mount Victoria House of Prayer with non-alcoholic sparking wine

Appointment of Chair and Minute Secretary

  • That Tom Lovett chair the AGM, moved by Barbara Gordon, seconded by Peg Bowler, carried
  • That Barbara Gordon be minute secretary, moved by Tom Lovett, seconded by Peg Bowler, carried.

Proxies in hand:  Jim Thomson, Roma Ranford, Bill and Fiona Towns, Paula Bulivou

Moved that the 2017 annual general meeting go ahead, being held two days later than required by the Constitution, i.e., within six months after the end of the financial year, necessitated by the inability to convene the meeting earlier due to the secretary’s knee replacement surgery and subsequent painful recovery period lasting more than six month and major activities by other members, viz, 700 km Unity Ride in October organised and led by members Bill and Fiona Towns.  Moved by Tom Lovett, seconded by Barbara Gordon, carried

Moved That the present Committee of Management be elected Moved Peg, seconded Kathy, carried

  • Elected are President Barbara, Vice President Roma, Secretary/Treasurer Tom

Moved that the Minutes of previous AGM 2016, tabled and adopted. Moved Tom, Seconded Barbara, carried

  • Business arising:  Nil

Reports presented on activities in 2016-2017 Financial Year:

  • President’s Reports read by Barbara – reports attached –  a) General Matters  b) Israel Mission. Moved the president’s reports be accepted, Tom, seconded Peg
  • Secretary & Treasurer’s Reports: Tabled and accepted, moved Barbara, seconded Peg

 Other Business

  1. Moved that a higher level of intercessory prayer for Mount Victoria House of Prayer be carried out by members individually and corporately, acknowledging that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, moved Isaac, seconded Kathy
  2. Moved that we are to be the End Times sanctuary, by Peg, seconded by Kathy
  3. Moved that we meet regularly in the Central West and Mount Victoria in alternate months for intercessory prayer and worship, by Kathy, seconded by Barbara
  4. Moved that the ministry of Mount Victoria House of Prayer emanates from the High Place of Mount Victoria (signed as the ‘Gateway to the West’) which points to the West and that gates not only open but also shut for protection; moved by Kathy, seconded by Peter
  5. That our objectives be re-examined and re-written from the original objectives of the Association as submitted and approved the Dept. of Fair Trading in 2011 (tabled), and submissions for changes be given to the Secretary as soon as possible for consideration at the next monthly meeting to be held in Mount Victoria; moved by Peg, seconded by Peter
  6. We take note that we are heading into a different phase of sectarian-humanism persecution and the way through is by prayer and worship; moved by Peg, seconded by Peter
  7. We will present our intercessions, needs and objectives in prayer as petitions to the Law Courts of Heaven through Jesus our Advocate, moved Peter, seconded by Barbara
  8. Participation of every member in prayer and worship, is encouraged. Moved Tom, seconded Isaac
  9. We acknowledge that the catalyst is worship, Moved Peg, seconded Barbara
  10. We accept that we will face resistance and therefore acknowledge that we must keep in regular contact with each other and support one another in prayer and regular contact, to see how each one is fairing… and pray for and encourage each other. Moved Tom, seconded Peter  (contact details attached)
  11. We will pray for and support Daesop’s mission to establish a House of Prayer in Egypt, moved Peg seconded Barbara

All the above motions were carried unanimously

New Members

  • That the application for membership by Ian Pearce, be approved, moved, Barbara, seconded Tom, carried with acclamation and the presentation of framed membership certificate

The meeting  closed in prayer by the chair after thanking members and guest for their attendance, at 6.30 pm

Some members adjourned for dinner and further discussion at the Canton Chinese restaurant, Orange


Barbara Gordon’s Ambassadorial Journey to the UK and

Ffald-y- Brenin House of Prayer and Retreat Centre in Wales


The Story of Two Dogs

 “Oh Lord God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps His covenant of unfailing love with those who love     Him and obey His commands.”  Nehemiah 1:5   

Barbara Gordon 

The command was ‘sit’ to Nelly, the beautiful Border Collie who came walking with us through the fields.

As we left the house we came to a lane, Cornford Lane, which winds its narrow way between Tunbridge Wells and Pembury.

It is a beautiful lane edged with high hedges and stonework, the heritage of centuries and now a very controversial issue for the local people who live here in these lovely green undulating hills of Kent to fight to preserve its beauty and heritage.

The fight is against the council, politicians and a sector of the public who want to use the lane as a thoroughfare for traffic, (heavy traffic at times) which is causing the deterioration of Cornford Lane.  The locals want it closed to traffic.

When I arrived here, my first visit from Australia, I was captivated by the lovely English countryside and these things that truly mark the English heritage, country lanes edged with hedges and stonework, the feeling of peacefulness and quiet serenity as you drive along, taking in the scenery of fields and the clay peg tiled Kentish homes, all in keeping with the English heritage which is what you come here to see. Not the rat race of city life and heavy moving traffic and highways which is the same in any country.

So Nelly sits obediently at the lane, waiting for the command to cross over.  Such a narrow lane with vision of coming traffic impaired because of the bend and the hedges.  Nelly would surely have been run over by now if she had not learned to stop at the lane and wait for her master’s command.

Alfred, another Border Collie who was actually her brother and was, as a puppy, given to the neighbour across the other side of the lane. We went for a walk in his fields, climbing over styles and crossing over the little streams. Nelly came with us bounding along excitedly.

Sally, my sister, told me the story of what happened to Alfie. A beautiful dog, they loved him, and he often came back to visit and loved being with them and with Nelly. But he was not trained by his owner. He was hit many times by cars on the lane.  He sustained many injuries, including head injuries and he later developed fits caused by brain injury, and he finally had to be put down, much to the grief and sadness of Sally and her family.

We came back up the hill towards the lane, Nelly bounding ahead of us. I was feeling a burden of sadness after hearing the story of Alfie.  Sally opened the gate on the lane-way, and what did that excited, full of bounce Nellie do? She stopped and sat by the lane, waiting for Sally to give the command to cross. This really touched my heart, not just the obedience of the dog, but the love of the master.

Genesis 2: 15-17  “The Lord God placed the man in the garden     of Eden to tend and watch over it. But the Lord God warned him, ‘you may     freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden except the tree of the     knowledge of good and evil. If you eat its fruit, you are sure to die.’

Genesis     17:1  “When Abraham was ninety years old the Lord     appeared to him and said ‘I am El-Shaddai, God Almighty. Serve me     faithfully and live a blameless life.’

God has the same message for us to-day. We are to obey the Lord in every respect because He is God. He is our Master. That is reason enough. If you don’t think the benefits of obedience are worth it, consider who God is, the only One with the power and ability to meet your every need. Isn’t this the most beautiful message of the Father’s love and why we need to obey His commands? The simple underlying theme behind obedience is Love.



April 2014

 You step out on a journey, covered in prayer and blessings, confident in knowing God will protect me and His angels will be by my side every step of the way.

The testing is when things go wrong.

I flew out from Sydney on Sat 29th on my way to London (Gatwick) via Dubai. I was a little nervous about having to change planes at Dubai, having not flown overseas for 30 years, and being in the Middle East, a bit daunting, but I was comforted by many who said it would be pretty straight forward.

Anyway, I would trust in God even though a little nervous, especially when the plane was delayed leaving from Sydney, and the possibility was that we might miss the connecting flight.

What actually did happen in Dubai, at the time I was going through it, really made me question God’s protection of blessings over me.  It tested my trust in Him because anxiety, uncertainty and stress really overwhelmed me.

We did miss the connection.  I and many other passengers who were flying either to England or other countries were stranded in Dubai. We were assured before we got off the plane that we would be looked after and arrangements would be made for alternative flights etc. But when we got off the plane there was pandemonium.  The ground staff were so stressed out with having to organize so many misplaced people. There was no clear direction, we just had to wait in queues. There were no boarding passes for another flight for those of us going to Gatwick airport. We were actually the group with the most confusion.  I ended up getting a printed sheet with some details concerning another flight out at 2 am the next morning, and a voucher to go to a hotel.

Getting out of the airport was a headache because it is so big and the directions they give you are really not clear, and you have to go through a number of checks, showing passports, scanning etc., in order to get to the place where the buses were to shuttle us backwards and forwards to hotels. Anyway, I was coping all right until I realized the urgency of letting my sister Sally know that I would not be on the flight she was planning to meet at Gatwick. I had not put my mobile phone on Int. roaming so I could not ring. We were told we could make a free call from the hotel but we had to wait a long time for the bus connection and I had lost track of what time it would be in England. At this point the anxiety hit me. I was overwhelmed with it all. In retrospect I should have realized that if the flight I was supposed to be on was 8 hours long to London that was plenty of time regardless of international time change.. I should have just sat down and waited patiently and read a book.  But I was confused and anxious and I lost some rationality.

We eventually got to the hotel, 2 hours now since the plane had landed in Dubai.  At the hotel, after some steps of protocol and more queuing, I eventually got to ring Sally to let her know I would be at Heathrow the following morning. Before that I had borrowed someone’s mobile to text Roma to ring Sally to let her know, so she was told twice in the end, a sign of my over- reaction and anxiety. However, I finally relaxed after all that, realizing I was in a very comfortable 5 star Emirates Hotel called something Arabic. Unfortunately though I only had about five hours before I had to be back at the airport.  I had a meal, a shower and four solid hours of sleep. This was good. At midnight I was on the bus back to the airport. I was feeling refreshed and happy to be on my way now to catch the plane to England.

However, when I arrived at Qantas check in there were queues of people everywhere and then a lady from my group, whom I had had dinner with the night before, came to inform me that nothing had been organized and we were not on the flight and they were trying to work something out but nobody could help them, there being confusion between Emirates and Qantas (although they are both the same airlines now.) I showed her my paper which had my flight details on it but she said that didn’t mean anything because there were no seat bookings. Anxiety struck again. Oh no, I am not going to get on this flight now and I have to again let Sally know not to meet another flight. However, I waited in a queue with a young man called Nathan who was ‘in the same boat as me’ (although he didn’t have the paper that I had been given and I don’t know why as both of us had been through the same process).

I began to think and worry about my luggage because someone else had told me that it could get lost in all this confusion, or maybe sent to Gatwick instead of Heathrow. Thoughts dashed in to my mind.  Here I am stranded in Dubai, my worst fear, and my travel insurance papers were in my main luggage which is goodness knows where.  I had only the clothes I was wearing. I found myself in a state of confusion, anxiety and insecurity like you could not imagine.

Then we got to the top of the queue.  We were served by a Filipino lady in Emirates uniform. She was calm and had a smile. What a relief. She looked at my paper, did something on the computer and quietly said to me: “Barbara, you are booked on this flight but you do not have a seat. The plane is full. I will place you on stand-by.”  To Nathan she said that he wasn’t booked on the flight and that he had to go back to the Emirates counter and get a ticket.  I never saw Nathan again.

She told me to go and sit down and when they had worked through all the back log of people from another flight she would organize my seat. She could obviously sense my anxiety especially when I kept asking about the whereabouts of my luggage. She assured me with calmness and confidence which I much appreciated that she would make sure my luggage got on to the plane and that I would eventually get a seat, even if it is in 1st class. So I began to feel ok. I went to sit down, only to be bombarded with other passengers trying desperately to get on the plane who told me that just because they say something that sounds sure, in reality it is not. Negative vibes all around. The anxiety, which had only just been reduced, now came back again. But I said to a young English man of Middle Eastern descent sitting next to me. “We are on stand by for a seat anywhere on the plane, and we could get in to 1st class. I will meet you there with a glass of champagne. He laughed and I thought how good it is to just see the lighter side of life.

It was then, and only then, that I opened up my Word for Today devotions. Lord, I prayed, give me a scripture that will remind me right now of your Hope and Promises, and Protection, for at the moment I can’t really see you in all of this that has happened to me. My overseas first trip in thirty years, soaked in your blessings and covered in prayer. Where is the evidence of You being with me?  I can’t see You through all the anxiety and fear and uncertainty of the circumstances around me.

Then I opened up to the devotional series in April 7th, 8th, 9th (ahead of time) called ‘Instrument Rated.’ They are actually about flying an aeroplane. I smiled as I thought how quaint it was that at this point God is going to speak to me through the analogy of aeroplane flying. Did you know, it says, that small plane crashes are caused mostly by pilot error, where the pilot is relying more on sight and senses instead of being instrument rated. Suddenly this hit me, Oh yes, I’m allowing my feelings and senses and crazy anxious thoughts take over to work my way out of the circumstances, (the storm), but not focusing on the real source of help, the ‘Word of God.’ I am not standing on solid ground which is built up through the study and digesting inwardly of scripture and then living it in daily life and relying on it so that when the storms of life come the plane can fly straight through it confidently.

Matthew 22:29 “You are in error because you do not know the scriptures….”

Psalm 19:8 “The precepts of the Lord are right…….giving light to the eyes.”

The pilot can be totally fogged in yet watch his instruments and fly without fear. But in order to do this he must have many hours of training in simulated storm conditions. Trouble to him is normal. He has gone through it many times and knows what to do in an emergency. The mountain that suddenly looms before him first shows up on the controller’s radar scope, so the controller can guide the straying plane around it.

How do we prepare for the storms of life? By spending time in God’s Word.

If you wait until trouble comes to find a scripture to help you, you have waited too long. In order for a pilot to be instrument rated an instructor will accompany him in his training. He will place a long-billed cap on his head so that all he can see is the instrument panel in front. Why? Because this is all you’ll be able to see when you are flying in storm conditions.

What happens when unprepared Christians are plunged into darkness by the trials of life? They begin to question what is happening. Everything was going well; all they could see ahead was fair weather.  But now they’ve lost their sense of direction because they have not spent time in God’s Word. They have not been taught to trust God regardless of what they see or feel, so they get discouraged.

“Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analysing and accurately dividing the Word of Truth.” 2 Tim 2:15

And so my name was called up, the very last one to receive my boarding pass, a seat on the plane. It happened to be in economy right next to the young man whom I had joked with about the champagne in 1st class. We agreed that just to get on the plane was plenty satisfaction and that to go from no seat to anticipate champagne was a bit far- fetched.

My eight hour flight to Heathrow was wonderful. Time to relax. I was so excited about arriving there and meeting Sally and Howard at the airport where my UK holiday would begin.

My prayer: “ I thank you Heavenly Father, and I vow, with Your help now to let this be a time ahead to seek You more in Your Word, to learn to know and trust You more.” This is my desire.  Song: ‘As the Deer…’   END

April-May 2014

Lead me to the Cross

Barbara Gordon

Mount Victoria House of Prayer

 My sister went to the funeral of one of her very best friends only a few days ago. I was reading the Order of Service and decided to look up the scriptures:

John 14: 1-6:  “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.

“There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. And you know the way to where I am going?

“’No, we don’t know Lord’, Thomas said, ‘We have no idea where you are going, so how can we know the way?

“Jesus told them:  ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one can come to the Father except through Me’.” 

Revelation 21:1: “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone, And I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down from Heaven like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband……

v.5 “The One sitting on the throne said:  It is finished. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To all who are thirsty I will give freely from the springs of the water of life. All who are victorious will inherit all these blessings and I will be their God, and they will be my children.”

“But how to get there? ‘I do not know the way,’ says Thomas.”

The answer to this question, the only one answer that we must ponder upon and come to believe is this:

Jesus told them: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one can come to the Father except through Me.”

We visited the Isle of Wight and we went to a place called Freshwater.

There is the famous Tennyson Monument, a large Celtic Cross on the top of a hill. We happened to be walking separately, quite a distance from each other, Sally first, then Liz a fair way behind, then me the furthest back. It was quite a long up-hill walk to the Cross with a daunting precipice on one side falling down to the sea. There was a sense of solitude as we walked alone.  I could not help but see the image here of individual people, our family members, our friends making their journey to the Cross. Ultimately this is what awaits us at the end. There is the Cross, looming on the horizon at the top of the hill. It is this  amazing icon, the symbol of the death and resurrection of Christ, which is the answer to all life’s questioning, it is the end of the journey, it is the gateway to that wonderful place after life where we all hope to go, heaven.

But there is a challenge here. There is a cross-road. There is a decision to be made. For Jesus says there is only one way, and that way is through Him.

So we each individually need to come to that place of decision. Do we really believe that Jesus died on the Cross for our sins? Do we really believe that His resurrection power is what we need to take us from death in this life to a new resurrected life in Heaven.

As I watched them walk I prayed, ‘Lord, lead them to the Cross, draw them closer.

I took photos of the cross as it first appeared so far in the distance and then became larger and clearer as I drew closer, till finally I was right at the foot of the Cross, looming larger than life above me.

John 3:16:  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish, but have Eternal Life.”




Elected is Aisake (Isaac) Bulivou to the position of Vice President of Mount Victoria House of Prayer Inc.
The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held on 30th September 2013 in Mount Victoria
Seven new members have joined and were welcomed at the AGM.
We praise God for the successful meeting and the contents of the President’s Report on Activities since the inception of Mount Victoria House of Prayer. See below.
All Christians are welcome.

‘For My house will be a House of Prayer for all people’

Isaiah 56:7

As we each share what we want prayer for and want healing prayer for, we will be bonded in love.

As we, as wounded shepherds and sheep, wait on the Lord for each person, what to pray for will come;

  • Prayer for healing
  • Words of wisdom
  • Words of knowledge
  • Scriptures
  • Words and actions of comfort

As we minister and are ministered to, the Holy Spirit will lead us spontaneously into worship and words of edification and direction.

New gifts will be released in us to minister to one another.

Any deep ministry needed will be done privately if the need arises.  - Joy Jacob, Historian and Bible Researcher

Recover Your Dream Gathering, January 2004

As God moves us on to Revival through the wounded shepherds and sheep, His Spirit will fill us with so much love that, like Jesus on the Cross, we too will say, “Father forgive them (who wounded us) they know not what they do.”

All who come together will give our personal hurts to God and pray for those who hurt us.

-          Ron and Pat Ware, Prayer Warriors.

Recover Your Dream Gathering, April 2004

Contacts: Email:

Barbara Gordon, 02-4787 5085

Tom Lovett, 0408 167 963


Postal Address:  PO Box 100, Mt. Victoria NSW 2786, Australia

Email Address:



Barbara Gordon 02-4787 5085 (leave message)

Tom Lovett 0408 167 963 (mobile)

International: +61-2 4787 5085


  • Devotionals: Wednesday evenings – Worship, Prayer, Scripture readings, Inspiriational talks, Fellowship
  • Regular Prayer Times


  • Recover Your Dream Australia Newsletters and Radio Program
  • Scripture Readings with Lyre Playing
  • Prayers and Prayer Walks
  • Prayers for spiritual, emotional and physical healing
  • Music recording and production of CD Albums for Mount Victoria House of Prayer Ministries,
  • Busking
  • Writing and publishing Christian books and literature
  • Healing Prayers for individiuals by appointment


“Thank you for your prayers and kindness. It was indeed wonderful to spend time with your prayer team (at my first prayer meeting). I hope we can meet again soon… now more than ever I think it is important for me to understand Christianily and the Christian way of life… “  – a gentleman seeking spiritual and emotional healing and family reconciliation, March 2013

“Thanks. I’m keeping the words you told me in my heart…”  a gentleman seeking boldness, courage and freedom, March 1023


The purpose of the House of Prayer in Mount Victoria s to help and encourage people to experience God through quietness and stillness, with prayer to find spiritual guidance for the restoration of their lives and recovery of their dreams.

We encourage people to participate in the life of a local church of their choice.  Mount Victoria House of Prayer supports local churches. It is not a substitute.

We remain connected to our individual churches, while the House of Prayer is inter-denominational and not affiliated with any particular church in order to encourage non-church goers to participate.

We are spiritually covered by local and interstate ministers and pastors.

We are also part of a wider Body of Christians called to pray for revival in the Blue Mountains and beyond.

Barbara Gordon, Tom Lovett, Mount Victoria House of Prayer, Inc.

The Mount Victoria House of Prayer

Annual General Meeting

30 September 2013

President’s Report on Activities

Barbara Gordon


This report covers activities since the conception of Mount Victoria House of Prayer (MVHP) to the present time. We acknowledge that many Christians have prayed for former Trinity Church at 18-22 Matlock Street, Mount Victoria since its closure and sale some ten or so years ago to be returned to be God’s house.

We acknowledge that for many decades Christians have been praying for Revival in the Blue Mountains and Australia, and we also acknowledge that we may be but a link in the chain.

The Beginning

It started in October 2010 when Barbara felt the Lord give her a very strong vision for this former church, which she and her family had once attended, to become a House of Prayer. She experienced this after a prayer and worship time at Orange Prayer House. By November of that year she had met with other ‘prayer warriors,’ Rebekkah, Deborah and Tom, later joined by Gerard. This prayer group met regularly first at Rebekkah’s home and then at Tom’s house in Mount Victoria, which is situated right next door to the former church, for nearly a year to pray for the establishment of Mount Victoria House of Prayer.

We began conducting prayer walks around the former church.

We began praying for contact with the owner and praying for her.

In November 2011 we were able to contact the owner, Judy Stephens. She met with us and allowed us to use the premises 1 day a week for 3 months until she would require a legal lease and rent.

Creating a Legal Entity

We registered the name, Mount Victoria House of Prayer and then applied to register a non-profit Association under that name. On 24th February 2012 we became registered as a non-profit association, Mount Victoria House of Prayer, Inc.(No. INC9896826 )

Leasing the Former Church

We signed a seven (7) month lease for the occupancy of the former Trinity Church building in Mattlock Street (Barbara Gordon as lessor and Tom Lovett guarantor). This beginning had been a focus point of the original vision that Barbara had received for the House of Prayer.  Having joined together now in prayer with others we established the Mount Victoria House of Prayer and we opened a bank account.  The signatories being Barbara, President and Tom, Secretary.

We officially moved in to the premises in February of 2012 and the bond, initial rent in advance, and further installments were paid for by a personal loan from Barbara which we have been paying back from our weekly income to the House of Prayer account of pamphlet distributions for Salmat Media.  We also received a donation from the Blaxland House of Prayer ‘Altars of Fire’ (Helen Grainger)  of which we were most grateful as it helped us a lot in the beginning stages. Since then others have given donations which seem to come at just the right time. We appreciate this generosity of these people and wish to thank them. We would also like to make a special mention of Jo-Anna Mackay who has done a part of pamphlet walking and folding voluntarily for the House of Prayer, and continues to do so every week and has a giving heart and a supportive attitude.

We purchased a piano for the House of Prayer which we paid off in 6 months. It was a central part of all worship times, and was an answer to prayer, especially the make, colour and tone that we specifically asked for in prayer.

We agreed with the owner of the former church, Judy Stephens, to do some maintenance work on the building which we did with the kind help of Frank Brown, Jim Thomson and Gerard Van Drempt. As well as garden maintenance we fixed some major issues with the building such as, leaks in the roof, plumbing concerns, warped doors, fire extinguishers and fire hose servicing, painting, etc.  Most of the work was done voluntarily and the owner, Judy, offered no concession to either rent or bond.

With the advice of builder Frank Brown a list of maintenance and safety requirements was prepared and submitted to the owner. She became very hard to deal with from the business point of view, (although we got along well on a personal level).  Ultimately the financial burden of carrying the cost of rent for those seven months became too difficult for us and we had to end the lease and the occupancy of the building, even though we offered the owner a “caretaker” arrangement without rent which was declined.

During the seven months occupancy we worked very hard to put on events and hire the premises out in order to earn money to offset rental costs, and this perhaps was the wrong way to approach the establishment of a House of Prayer.  Of course we had many prayer times and worship, including an opening celebration which was a great success and anointed by God’s presence.

Other people held prayer groups there as well, including Rebekkah Powderley, at regular times, and then the High Country Muster Group that Rebekkah is connected to also held a major prayer and worship vigil there for three days and had a great time of breakthrough.  They collected a very generous donation for us which helped us to pay the rent for that month for which we were very grateful.

Other types of events such as concerts and workshops were more for the purpose of raising money. We invited guest artists such as Richard Gilliwitz, a very accomplished finger-style guitarist from America who gave a concert and also led workshops for beginners to advanced guitarists.  We invited a local group from Mount Victoria, The Hilltop Rockers, to give two wonderful concerts starring Jack Pledge, Simon Crosbie and Dave Crestani. Barbara was interviewed on local radio about the concerts and the House of Prayer. Tom wrote press releases which were published in local newspapers.

Tom, being specialized in Time and Information Management with an MBA, gave some workshops on Getting Things Done.

We also hosted a series of teaching seminars for American youth put on by an adventure group from New Zealand called ‘Full On’. The leaders were accommodated in Lutanda and needed to hire our premises for the week of leadership training.  In July 2013 the Full On site operations manager, Mike Kempt attended our Devotions gathering in Tom’s house, and later was interviewed by Tom and broadcast on Tom’s program.

Other events that were hosted by us included the rehearsal for Vikki Brown’s Theatrical Group; Barbara Gordon’s music student Concerts; Graduation for Roma Ranford and Birthday and Farewell Celebrations in which many people came and felt the good vibes and warm atmosphere of the premises.

During this time we had many supporters and close friends who helped us.  Rebekkah, who worked so hard with her creative input  in the early stages and Helen Grainger (who also donated much of her craft work, anointing oils, and items for us to sell), Gerard (who stuck with us and was a great maintenance man and help right to the end of our occupancy of the former church; Heather Pye who helped with catering for the concerts, Barbara’s son Matthew who helped clean the windows, Tom’s friend Jason Lucas who volunteered to clean the carpets, Christa McDonald (Blackheath Firewood) who donated all the wood for the fire which kept us  warm and cosy during those winter months, and others who helped equally with prayer and moral support including Peg Bowler of Orange Prayer House, who prayed and mentored us, and with her husband John gave us respite and hospitality on their farm in Orange, Fijian Isaac Bulivou and his wife Paula also from Orange, and Isaac’s sister Ruth (for whose residency in Australia we prayed with success), all inspiring prayer warriors.  Isaac just used to “drop in” and be there to help out or to pray with us. We thought of him like a visiting angel.

We also had mentoring support from our local pastors:  Pastor Jo Karako, Rev. John Gaunt, Pastor Ian Bartley.

The seven month season in the House of Prayer building ended with a very difficult time of stress in having to finalize things with the owner, including extensive cleaning mainly from the previous years of little use, including windows, venetian blinds, carpet cleaning, more painting and replacing things to their original places. There were many issues that almost overwhelmed us. We continue to pray for her.


As the time was drawing to an end in August 2012, we received an unexpected visit from a young prophet, David Reid and his wife and baby.  They were referred to us by Pastor Jo, and encouraged us with many words of prophesy.  We recorded David’s prophesy over us, and it is available on CD for members who would like to hear it. David’s word, among other things, was that a new door would open for MVHP. He did not say that this door would not re-open again in the future.  It may re-open again at another time and we believe for this.  He said there were angels waiting.  I think that in the Heavenlies it is already Mount Victoria House of Prayer that I, Barbara, envisioned.  I know all the prayer and the purpose and vision that went towards the original building and establishment of the former church are deeply rooted in God through Christ.  May God’s purpose come in His time. We wait upon Him.

New Season

The next season however was a door that opened at the Lutanda Centre for which Mount Victoria House of Prayer was asked by the new management to conduct Devotionals for staff. So we felt we were still alive and going even though not in the former church building of our dream.  For six months we held weekly morning devotions for the staff of Lutanda.  It was a time of growing and learning how to present a half hour presentation of prayer/ the Word/ worship with visual presentations on which Tom worked hard. Barbara led worship and sometimes devotions. It was very good experience.  Nicki Shialvo, our friend from Blackheath joined us to help Barbara with worship by leading the singing. Nicki is now a regular and integral part of devotions at Mount Victoria House of Prayer, which are currently held at Tom’s house. The piano has been moved there.  It will one day return, we believe, to its rightful place in the House of Prayer building, but for now it is happy and well looked after in Tom’s House and regularly used in devotions for worship.  Friend, cabinet maker, Simon Crosby generously made a small wooden cross which adorns the wall above the piano.

Many Participants

Many people have participated in our Devotions; there has been Rebakkah, Deborah, Gerard, Kelly, Art, Jeanne, Roma, Riahta, Jim, Matt, Mike, Steven, Fran, Paul and the MMM team working with Lutanda. Some have taken part by giving talks, and others contribute with prayer, testimony, worship, scripture reading, fellowship …

Prayer Emphasis

In the last few months we have become aware of the need to establish a more solid prayer time, so we now meet an hour prior to the meeting to pray.  We realize that without prayer then everything else is just ‘our’ doing and not God’s.  Put God first and all else falls in to place.

Church Affiliation

Members of MVHP attend their own individual churches. We have connection with and pray for local churches in Mount Victoria, Blackheath and Lithgow and we encourage persons who participate in MVHP to attend a church of their choice, but we do not enforce church attendance upon anyone. Persons who are not members of a church are very welcome to join in prayer and worship, and to receive prayer and to participate in discussion and fellowship. Our aim is to make people feel welcome and loved. We have made mistakes sometimes in our ability to organize and have things run smoothly but it has been a learning curve for us as well.

Associated Ministries

Other Events and Ministries included in House of Prayer:

Recover Your Dream Ministry: This is Tom’s vision for the wounded shepherds.  It is an outreach to those who have lost their way in their Christian walk. He has a great passion for this ministry and it is also part of the Mount Victoria House of Prayer.

Healing Rooms of Australia:  We visited Healing Rooms in Sydney in 2012 and since then have done training seminars and plan to become accredited.  We take people there for healing prayer.

Prayers to individuals:  We have had very special prayer times, in Lutanda chapel, in Tom’s house and other places, and over the Internet, for individuals in need of specific and personal prayer. We have been asked to pray for spiritual needs of institutions.

Worship Ministry:  This includes Barbara’s lyre playing and the recording of a CD for ministry.  Barbara also has a special ministry of music going with long- time friend Jim Thomson.  They meet for practice weekly and do busking and worship ministry with small group meetings.

Tom and Barbara have a ministry of Word and Lyre which they do at Hartley church at Christmas time; narration accompanied by Lyre.  This lyre accompanying scripture is a beautiful ministry and we hope to develop it and introduce it more in Houses of Prayer.

Tom’s Radio Programs.  He is connected to LIFE FM Christian Radio in Bathurst, for which he produces and presents a weekly program broadcast on Saturday evenings. This is a Christian outreach for Recover Your Dream Australia. This program is also available on CD and the Internet via Dropbox.

Donations and support: We support the national Christian Radio Network, Vision/UCB and distribute The Word for Today on behalf of UCB. Tom was interviewed on national Vision Radio in February 2013 about the Recover Your Dream Ministry.

We also are planning to support Leading the Way, with Michael Yussoff because we have a desire to support those who are reaching out to Muslims in the Middle East and in Australia.

Recover Your Dream Newsletter is part of Tom’s outreach since 2003. Tom is a writer.

Novel Writing: Tom is also an author and has written text books and a futuristic Christian fiction book which has been published.  It is in the process of being re-written under a new name. Barbara is involved in editing it.  Barbara also is editor of Tom’s writings and radio programs.

Visits to Canberra’s National Folk Festival: As media representative for his previous community radio station, 1997 to 2010, Tom made annual visits to the Easter national folk festival in Canberra to interview performers and interesting characters for broadcasting in his program. He has made many folk enthusiastic friends from around Australia and overseas. Since coming to Mount Victoria in 2010 Tom continued the visits and interviewing alone until 2013 when Barbara accompanied him to the Folk Festival as a Media person also. They interviewed performers and speakers for Tom’s new radio program on LIFE-FM, Bathurst.

Trans-Australia Ride: Bill Towns from Cargo west of Orange, met us by accident in Orange Prayer House in 2012. He invited Tom to attend a Men’s Breakfast in Cowra the next day. In the hall of a small Pentecostal church, pastored by a former Salvation Army officer. Bill gave an inspiring address to a group of men and Tom believes it is a God given message to Australian men everywhere to take on guardianship of their families. Since then Bill has been a regular visitor to Mount Victoria House of Prayer, now in Tom’s house, for prayer, fellowship and discussion. Tom was able to visit Bill and his wife Fiona on their horse farm in Cargo in 2013. Bill is planning to record his Trans-Australia Ride experiences in a book. Bill has become a Member of Mount Victoria House of Prayer and has become a major supporter.

Visits to Orange and the Houses of Prayer in the Central West:  This connected us to the regional Houses of Prayer and the people who run them. There we have had amazing times of prayer. In 2013 Peg Bowler drove us to Wellington and we visited Wellington House of Prayer, met and prayed with the leaders. We also visited the Orange Prayer House for All Nations connected to Orange Baptist Church, where we met with leader Daesop Yoon, and connected with Cathy Wall.  Matt, Barbara’s son came along and he met Cathy’s son also named Matt who we are going to take to the Healing Rooms for prayer.  Lastly we visited the ‘Upper Room’ Prayer House in Orange and met with networker Isaac Bulivou and prayed there with him and resident Bernice. We later called on Isaac at his home and met one of his daughters.

Matt Gordon was greatly inspired by the dedication to prayer and the wonderful prayer houses in N.S.W. Central West as well as the amazing countryside which is a great sight after living in Singapore which he has for 6 months (and has since returned). We stayed with Peg and John Bowler who are wonderful people of hospitality. Peg is an integral part of Orange Prayer House for All Nations.  We always look forward to trips to Orange and that was the third time we have been since MVHP started. We have a definite connection there and, after all, that was where Barbara first got the vision for MVHP. It was from the ‘Upper Room’ Prayer House meeting in Orange that it all began in 2010 when Barbara was invited to play her lyre.   It’s like our roots.


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